Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eyes of A Predator and A Nameless Corpse

     The heat was cooking me like an oven. My heart pounded, faster and faster. Figures bobbed up and down, shouting things to one another. Someone called my name and I shook my head. I knew I couldn't go much farther. Pain soared up through my body as a bullet hit my calf, and I tumbled down into the hot dirt, panting like an animal. Still Ren didn't stop for me.

     Then I heard a bang. Three bodies scrambled on the ground in moans of pain. Using all my energy, I dragged myself forward and I stood shakily beside Ren, who held me up with one arm. There was a grin on his face that sent a chill down my spine. I had my hand on the gun, finger on the trigger. He had his own as well. It lifted up. Faced the runners. He started laughing, and...

     We all started at the man's body silently, then, one by one, everyone looked at me. I'd done it - put a bullet in his head, and now he lied still in the dirt in his own blood. I didn't smile, but instead glanced back at the runners and shook my head. A few smiled. Did they think I'd set him up to save their lives? Maybe. Most of them were mostly puzzled, not sure whether to fear me or thank me.

     Then one put a step forward. Turned and ran. The others watched as I lifted my arm, pulled on the trigger like I had to Ren. They watched their friend fall, but didn't have time to watch me turn the barrel towards them, too. In a moment, they all lay there, limb and cold. There was nothing left for me to do. I turned and got back in the car, then drove away.

     My heart was full of glee. Blood coated me like I'd just bathed in it. The smell of death on my skin was like a bed of roses. All the way, I smiled, ear-to-ear. There was nothing in the world that could stop me. I was invincible. My vision was red like fire. Everywhere I turned, every face I saw, I imagined without life, on the ground like Ren. Passersby moved away from me. I giggled all the way home.

     The door was knocked down with a strength I didn't know I had, and somehow my voice sounded strange. "Where's Lily?" I shouted as I pushed Eden hard up against the wall. He had no fear in his eyes, instead just confusion. "With her boyfriend, Jed." Then he had a sudden realization on his face. "You don't have to go do that, Nameless. I'm...sorry for yelling at you. We can talk together, I'm sure Kieth will understand how you're feeling."

     "Feelings," I said, disgusted. "All these feelings." With that, I dropped the boy heavily on the floor and started to walked out again. "Where exactly?" I asked, hesitating by the door.

     "The park..." He'd given up.

     It was getting dark. Cold lingered on my skin, as I wore nothing really except a camisole and a pair of ripped jean shorts. I can admit now that I hadn't been thinking about much except finding Lily.

     On the swings, side by side, they sat, rocking slowly back and forth. Didn't see me watching them, eyes hungry. I could faintly hear their voices. Telling each other the love they felt. Feelings. Suddenly, the boy turned towards me and called out. Lily glanced around as well, sensing me there. "My sister," she said kindly. I felt her warmth, but this time, I felt none towards her. As I began to walk steadily over to the two, Jed protectively  put his arm out to my sister. Scrawny fellow. I pushed him aside easily and took hold of Lily's pale throat. My laughter was loud above the sound of her breathlessness. She couldn't escape me this time. I was going to kill her.

     The boy leaped out in front of me and tried pushing me to the ground. But I'd brought my knife. He found that out soon after he attacked, stumbling over and staining the snow with his blood. Lily paused for a moment over his body, whispering his name through tears and short sobs. She heard my footsteps. Her screams echoed all around us as she ran towards the shack a few yards away. The place was old and practically decrepit. I followed her inside anyway.

     Silence met me inside the building. She would be hiding somewhere around in one of the rooms, and it wouldn't be hard finding her. Now I had my gun out, chanting my sister's name and weaving in and out of the rooms. I thought I'd heard footsteps and followed them out into a hallway, only to be kicked over from behind. I hadn't even turned around before I heard her voice, and knew her hand was on the gun.

     "I've always been dead to you." Lily wasn't crying anymore. She showed power, standing over me. And yet even as she spoke the truth I didn't want to face when I had my real soul within grasp, her voice shook and almost ceased at one point. Then she continued on. "I never forgot, but even though you faked it, I knew you'd never change. You're a killer. You killed our parents, our little siblings. You killed Ron. You...killed...Carrie. I don't know who the hell you are, but you're not my sister. You never will be." She raised the gun to my forehead, then down to my chest. "You ruined my life, and your own. You've killed me once, but not again." Her finger was pushed against the trigger. "Now it's my turn. Consider this...a bullet...from the grave."

     To the world, I've never existed. No one knows who Carrie is. No one knows a Trinity. Not even I know who Nameless is. They are all...fake. Maybe I will never know. But for now I can say that as the world around me went black, I finally accepted that.


  1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...


    Y0u 6nd 1 h673 50m3th1ng 1n c0mm0n.

  2. Oolala. Nameless = Me gusta. ;)

    You can hunt me anytime.

    Just kidding. Hehehe Shady and I are kind of a couple, if you didn't notice.

    But this change... its good. You finally grew up, it seems.

    Welcome to the Team. Blog posts from the grave ;)

  3. A couple? I find it hard to believe that, but if that's what you tell yourself, go ahead, I guess...

    Grew up...I suppose I did.

    Thank you.

  4. Advy, stop spreading the rumors Shady's trying to fight. At least wait until she says yes before you start planning the wedding, yes?

    Nameless... I miss you.